The Ducky Boys - Three Chords And The Truth (Cover Artwork)
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The Ducky Boys

Three Chords And The Truth (2004)


The Ducky Boys have always curiously held a lower profile than some of their Boston contemporaries. One listen to Three Chords and the Truth makes this fact all the more baffling. This is just an incredibly enjoyable slab of catchy, propulsive rock'n'roll. Like the title says the The Ducky Boys stick to conventional punk song structures but they effortlessly execute big memorable hooks like few others. The most fascinating thing about Three Chords and the Truth is how natural it all sounds; 16 tracks of classic feeling, pithy and to the point rock is not the work one expects from a band returning from a six year span without a record.

During the first few spins the most shocking thing about the album is how big and professional it sounds. Jim Seigel's production makes the three-piece sound absolutely huge and the recording is much cleaner than the band's GMM back catalogue. Big jumps in production quality always run the risk of turning off older fans, but I can't see that being the case with this record. The Ducky Boys have always had a knack for writing catchy sing along tunes and the way that they're represented here is perfectly suited.

Three Chords and the Truth offers a nice mix of punk shout alongs and heartfelt mid tempo rock tunes. "Hanging On" and "Break Me" both feature remarkably memorable choruses, shamelessly poppy but in a way that's entirely respectable. There's moments here which simply wouldn't be believable if done by bands the Ducky Boys are lumped in with. A cover of the uber-sappy "Stand By Me" or a song driven by a jovial chant of "Sha na na na na na na na" really shouldn't work on any record, but defying all logic they do here. Fans who have been waiting since 1998 for new material from the band certainly won't be disappointed with this batch of songs, as across the 16 track 36 minute running time there's no sign of filler or lack of energy. Big propulsive street-punk songs like "Boston, USA" are doubtlessly set to become live favourites.

Three Chords and the Truth is an earnest and extremely amiable collection of punk tunes. This will doubtlessly go far in gaining The Ducky Boys the wider recognition they've always deserved.


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