Short Round - Language (Cover Artwork)

Short Round

Language (2002)

Asian Man

Short Round is a three piece band from northern California. Led by Jason Thinh of Chinkees fame, the band have produced nearly half an hour of infectious, ultra-catchy pop-punk with a hint of ska. The band has often been compared to Alkaline Trio, but I feel they play a much more catchy, bouncy version of rock than Alkaline Trio have ever known.

The CD opens with "The Alcohol Talking" and never lets go. The songs are generally fast paced with great hooks. Perhaps the real treat is Jason's voice as he spits out the lyrics. Jason has a very unique voice, and it ties the entire package together pretty well.

Another factor that distances this band from Alkaline Trio is lyrical content. While Jason does generally sing of heartbreak, he does not resort to the dark mood that has almost become cliché in the past few years. It is nice to hear someone sing about a girl without death being involved in any way.

This CD is a breath of fresh air in a world of over produced, overdone music. However, it is this very blessing that also hurts the record a little bit. Not only is it a pretty short CD, but the songs can begin to sound similar since they are done in such a minimalist fashion, with no bells or whistles. Just the three guys with their instruments. However, if you are currently bored with music, this can be a pretty nice vacation, even if it is only for a small amount of time.