Say Hi - Numbers & Mumbles (Cover Artwork)

Say Hi

Numbers & Mumbles (2004)


Tired of looking for those oh-so-right one liners for your away messages? Ya know, something clever and funny enough to make you seem clever and funny enough, but stil portraying some type of emotion. But, durn, somebody already has those Death Cab For Cutie lyrics. I got your back, youngin': try Say Hi To Your Mom.

Catchy band name cred aside, Say Hi To Your Mom's album Numbers & Mumbles is the perfect album for those that don't leave the house due to a form of depression. It's warm indie pop with electro hooks and lyrics smart enough to make the boys wish they had wrote it and heart breaking enough to make the girls want boys like this. Oh - and it's just a good album. Think a very less complicated version of The Elected, or a younger Badly Drawn Boy who loves the 80s and sounds like he wrote the music for the VH1 show of the similar name.

The songs are pretty Tap & Graze (which is saying not Hit nor Miss). The opener, "Pop Music of the Future," is filled with enough references and keen observations to draw you in. Example: "it's all been downhill since Sunny Day Real Estate's first record." The song topics are pretty cut and dry...and specificly relatable. Like the song "But She Beat My High Score," about how he can't be with the girl because of the fact she beat his high score. The really stand out song is "Let's Talk About Spaceships," which has the ability to stick in your head until you break down and actually buy the album. In that sense, this song can be what "Float On" is to your sister (who you recently found out never heard of Cheap Trick).

The bad of the album is that it can get too 'Get Over it Already' and not diversify enough. And there's a Beatles cover of "I'm So Tired," which doesn't suck but still, c'mon, Beatles cover? Also, the album is only 10 songs and clocks in just over 30 minutes leaving you with that 'I paid 12 dollars for this?' feeling. It's still a very solid indie album through and through. But I say download the songs on their website, and then see if anything on ebay pops up. But you just wanted the one liners huh? Well grow up, dick.