J Church - One Mississippi (Cover Artwork)

J Church

One Mississippi (2000)

Honest Don's

One of the most prolific bands to come from the bay area has done it again. This time with One Mississippi. This is their first proper recording since 1996's The Drama of Alienation. And not wanting to dissapoint their fans, they loaded this album down with 26 songs, And 26 great songs I might add. Full of poppy melodies and even some elements of surf rock in there. I believe this is "true" pop punk and out of the countless bands who are pop punk and call themselves so, this band seems to stick out first in my mind. Very talented, Great songwriting, almost emo in a way here. You don't see a proper album from these guys very often, so this was a great blessing to me. I immediatley went out and bought it, because almost 5 years is a long time to go with no new J Church. If you haven't heard this band, and your expecting them to sound like typical pop punk, think again. This is far from any kind you would hear today. J Church are a very, very unique band in the fact that they sound like no one else. I think this album should suffice until their next proper full length around the year 2010 sometime. I really recommend this band to anyone punk or not. I think it will appeal to you in some way. But then again you might totally hate it. Anyway, Give this album a listen. Check out The Drama of Alienation also on Honest Dons.