RUX - Where Are We Going (Cover Artwork)


Where Are We Going (2004)


¿ì¸® ¾îµð·Î °¡´Â°¡ (Where Are We Going) is the long awaited full length by Korean street punk band RUX and it was well worth the wait. RUX came into existence way back in 1996 and has gone through several line-up changes releasing songs on various comps and one seven song single, I Gotta Go, in 1999 (The title refers to enforced military service for all Korean males that breaks up many punk bands). Until now RUX had not released a full length but is none the less known for their powerful live shows and popular songs released on comps. ¡°Where Are We Going¡± has twenty-five tracks including an album into & outro and three covers: The Clash¡¯s ¡°Death or Glory¡± and Cock Sparrer¡¯s ¡°Take E¡¯m All¡± and ¡°Corea [England] Belongs to Me¡± (with significantly changed lyrics). Their style consists of catchy melodies, group sing-a-longs, ranging solos, and guitar cut outs and build ups and can be compared to bands like Cock Sparrer, Oxymoron, Unseen and the Casualties. RUX is also one of the only bands in the Korean punk / hardcore scene to sing the majority of their songs in Korean, which has earned them respect from other bands. Their lyrics are positive and focused on breaking through the shit to the fundamentals of daily life¡ªmostly unity and drinking but also standing ones ground and building as scene at a time when punk and hardcore fluctuates in and out of trends. ¡°Where Are We Going¡± includes many classic RUX songs such as ¡°Our Minds Are All The Same¡± and ¡°I Gotta Go¡± along with many previously unrecorded tracks.

The lead singer and only founding member left, Jong-hee, has probably done more to help the Korean punk scene than any other person I can think of. Not only does RUX set an example for younger bands to follow but Jong-hee is also the runs Skunk Label as well as the club Skunk Hell and is editor of Red Flag punk zine. This album is a slice of Korean punk history both past and present. If you are at all interested in the Korean punk scene or classic street punk this is one album that you must have!

The whole album can be streamed from Bugs Music a Korean on-line music server.