Impossibles - Return (Cover Artwork)
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Return (2000)

Fueled By Ramen

Anyone who's read this site more than once knows a few things. First, I'm consistently self-depreciating. (See, I did it right there) and two. I love Weezer. Why? I don't know. I guess, under all my hardcore, emo and punk leanings, I love a good pop-punk song. I suppose that's forgivable.

Anyway, I got a copy of the new Impossibles record. I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I liked Anthology okay, but I'm not too big on the ska-punk. Only Less than Jake can really do it well. I did, however, like the less-ska-tinged stuff. So I thought I'd give this new record a try. What can I say?

The album starts with a spaced out little intro. You can hear a modem dialing in the background. It's quiet. Then, those guitars kick in. Thick guitars. Very Weezer-esque. But it doesn't stop there. The vocals come in; they're great, catchy, and harmonized. Weezer anyone? Of course, I could accuse this of being derivative, but like Reggie and the Full Effect, it's more of a tribute, with it's own catchiness, and sensibilities, than a purely derivative work. I guess when people use that cliche "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" they were talking about the Impossibles. These guys really love Weezer, and it shows. But they're very capable songwriters too. Adding a little here and there to really make their own sound.

It's cool, because while they do sound like a retrospective of both of Weezers records, they also manage to throw in a little Hot Water Music, and some pure punk rock energy. So, while some reviewers will dismiss them because they sound like someone else, those reviewers just aren't paying attention. This is a great band, that happens to wear it's influences on it's sleeve. They've got good influences, and they write great songs. Where's the problem?