The Shivering - & Brand The Ground With Storm and Song (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Shivering

& Brand The Ground With Storm and Song (2004)


Again, Alone – get a new PR firm to cover your shit, or at least do it yourself. These guys don't sound like Husker Du or nation of Ulysses. Rites of Spring, MAYBE.

What you've got here, is some early Hot Water Music sounding stuff. Like Never Ender or No Division. To the T. Same style guitars, same style vocals. Similar drums, and decent bass lines (although not quite as fast and insane as Hot Water Music). I mean, it's the kind of music that you know has a bearded guitar player, if you catch my drift. Pay no mind to the fact that their band name sounds like some stupid metalcore band, or the fact that the album title sounds like a new Bright Eyes EP.

This album is a collection of EPs and songs off of comps. Although I would have liked to hear a full album (I'm not a fan of compilations), This is a pretty good release. Some of the stuff isn't as good as the rest of the stuff, but that's to be expected on a collection of older material. I guess most of these EPs are out of print, so if you're a fan of the band, and want their older material, you can get it all done in one swift chop.

So, to recap, if you like Hot Water Music and want more stuff like their old material, you know, before they started sounding like Thursday and Thrice, go check out The Shivering. Shit ain't half bad, and I assure you that Hot Water Music fans would love it. Hot Water Music, Hot Water Music.

Hot Water Music.

The 6 is for them including some shitty tracks on this CD as well as their good stuff.