None More Black - Loud About Loathing (Cover Artwork)

None More Black

Loud About Loathing (2004)


Remember File Under Black? None More Black doesn't.

While this EP definitely won't surprise you, it still sounds a little different from the full length. None More Black has opted to experiment a little and it works pretty well. With tempo changes, hand claps. catchy guitar riffs, and "whoas" and "yeahs" in all the right spots, it seems that they were set on implanting each song into your brain until it drove you mad. We even have some whistling present on track 3. Only the most jaded of people won't enjoy these songs.

On first listen, I thought that NMB must have written all their angry songs on the full-length, because judging by the sound of these songs, you get a decidedly upbeat feeling. Take a look at the lyrics though, and the thought is quickly dispelled. I guess I should have guessed that from a CD titled Loud About Loathing. The 6 songs generally revolve around Jason's brand of lyrical self-evaluation. So lyrically, the EP isn't that much different from the full length.

This EP is an interesting one indeed. I've listened to it time and time again, but I can't quite find a finalizing thought regarding my feelings towards it. It's catchy, and I thoroughly enjoy it, but in the end, I still feel a little let down. This EP builds up, but never really reaches a finale. The first 4 songs are great, but by the last two the album just dies a little bit. It wouldn't be so bad if these were the first 6 songs of a full-length, but as an EP it just doesn't work so well. I keep listening to those last two songs thinking maybe I missed something, but I can't find anything making them worthwhile.

Regardless, if you enjoyed the other NMB material, I recommend this completely. However, if you had problems with the first release, I doubt this will do it for you. It's not dynamite.