Drawing Dead - Recordings January 2004 (Cover Artwork)
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Drawing Dead

Recordings January 2004 (2004)


What can I say about this CD that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan?
Bombed out, and depleted.

Or, how 'bout this one: What do you get when you have a female lead singer for a wannabe screamo/metalcore band?
Same thing you get without the female lead singer: a pile of audio feces.

First of all, if you're going to have a female lead singer, make sure she can sing. Second, if you're going to have her scream...no, wait, scratch that, DON'T have her scream. That's a direct command. Screaming should be done by people who are angry, not by people who try to sing pretty.

On this release, Drawing Dead gives you four demo tracks, each one as boring as the previous, chock full of shitty "emo" guitar riffs, low-energy drums, boring bass lines, and off-key vocals. All of it is recorded through a steaming sewer pipe to allow that terrible stench of feces to permeate the recordings for a thorough, shitty aftertaste. Or at least that's how it sounds.

Besides playing shitty music, they also try to keep up this sense of dark imagery with silhouettes of tombstones adorning their lyrics sheet. Not only that, but their shitty band name is typed out in a red font that looks like it's bleeding. How fucking deep. How truly painful it must be...I better go put on some black eyeliner and cry while I write about it in my Xanga. Maybe I should contact the band members. We can talk about dead people and stuff. I'm sure they'd understand me, not like my stupid PARENTS. I mean, they always buy me the wrong shampoo and don't like it when I wear black mesh long sleeve tops underneath my black t-shirt with a skull on it. I mean, half the time I just sit in their basement and look at webpages about suicide on the computer that they bought me for Christmas, even though I'm NOT a Christian, and I SO TOTALLY asked for a 2.5 GHZ processor, not a 2.4 GHZ one. GOD, they just DON'T understand me.

Yeah. People like that suck. Just like this CD. Unless you're a person like that. In which, you probably would love this.