Big D And The Kids Table - Good Luck (Cover Artwork)

Big D And The Kids Table

Good Luck (2000)

Asian Man

Big D And The Kids Table, a ska band from Boston, Mass., released this album Good Luck after gaining recognition with their earlier release Shot By Lammi (a split CD with Drexel).

This CD was a lot better than I thought it would be before I bought it. I had a quick listen to it earlier and thought it was just mediocre, but it came to be something more than that. This disc has quite a few songs that have the ability to get your blood moving. High points on the CD include "Myself," fan favorites "5 Kids Down" and "Fatman," "She Won't Ever Figure It Out," Big D's apparent drinking song "Find Out," and "51 Gardner." Other good songs are "G.L.D.," "Take Another Look," and "Can't Be Caught."

For people who have not heard of this band, I strongly recommend that you buy this album first. It's a good CD that basically defines Big D's sound. Any other fan of third wave ska, skacore, or ska-punk should definitely considering buying this album too.