InMemory - In So Many Words (Cover Artwork)


In So Many Words (2004)


Well, well. InMemory finally released a full-length album. I had been waiting for the day, I'll tell you that right now. While not a widely-known act, the Simi Valley, CA band had released a song for last year's pop-punk Christmas compilation A Santa Cause. But make no mistake about it. InMemory is not your typical pop-punk band.

With In So Many Words, listeners are subjected to a barrage of loud, passionate vocals, sonic guitars, powerful bass lines, and thundering drums, which combined, create songs unlike you've ever heard. Comparions to The Used (when they kicked ass) and My Chemical Romance are to be expected, but this band is far from what others would judge as a fad. The songs are honest, which is more than most bands can say about their work. The musicianship is extremely tight. Plus, the band members aren't pricks, which actually brings a lot to the table, whether listeners realize it or not.

Easily the best song on the album, "If Shadows Wrote Diaries," also previously released on the 03EP, should pull newcomers to the band right in. It's quite simply a great song, and while all the other songs are amazing in their own way, none come close to this powerhouse. That's right, I said powerhouse.

Yes, this is a short review, and this being my first one, I think it's appropriate. Basically, all you need to know is this: if you like good musicianship and honest vocals and lyrics, you should like this. If you don't, well then, you need to broaden your musical horizons.