Fell Far Behind - Chasing The Dream (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Fell Far Behind

Chasing The Dream (2003)


Fell Far Behind are sticking with the new millennium's notion that Thrice is indeed the new NOFX. Instead of an abuse of power chords, bands are now ironically wearing Iron Maiden shirts and kicking out a handful of metallic riffs and a slew of tempo variations.

On the four song EP Chasing The Dream, this southern New Jersey quintet combine pop-punk melodies riding on the wheels of double-bass drumming and the aforementioned guitar licks. The guys deserve some praise for their originality, but their debut is not paving any roads.

Vocalist Mike Hak needs to work on the presentation of his voice. While the band is playing with a significant mix of energy and aggression he's singing a laid back style akin to Scott from Rufio. On the disc's final track "Simple Wishes," all members meet at the same intersection and display the true potential of their sound. The metal guitars aren't overbearing, but rather, they blend into a rhythmic tempo fluidly with the thumping drums and soft vocals.

More practices and time in the studio can only help a band, so keep an eye on Fell Far Behind when they are ready to release a full-length album.