Motion City Soundtrack / Tsunami Bomb - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Motion City Soundtrack / Tsunami Bomb

live in Chicago (2004)

live show

I came late, so I missed Limbeck and The Academy is…, so those people reading, sorry. I can tell you that the show sold out when I got there, but then again, I got my tickets the week after I heard about this show.

Who were the kids? How were the kids dressed? All the indie clichés were in heavy effect: tight hoodies (doesn't that defy the purpose of a hoodie?), swing hair, faux ‘fros, and tight jeans. But who gives a fuck about the crowd? If you're going to a show, you're there for the bands, not to talk shit about the kids. Now you know what the kids look like, how'd the bands do?

Tsunami Bomb came on, launching right into (I believe) "Take the Reins," and looked like the band was surprised by how much the majority was there for Motion City Soundtrack, but they recovered quickly.

Truth be told, Tsunami Bomb has always started out slow at concerts. Their openers never really get me, until "Roundabout" comes along, and then they go off from there. Their only big contingent was in the front middle, most of the kids just stood and watched as Tsunami Bomb did all they could to excite the crowd, but apparently enthusiasm isn't hip now.

Tsunami Bomb seemed to be doing a lot of starting and stopping, but it all fit the music. I'd say they were pretty tight. All the songs that stop suddenly stopped like they were supposed to. The new guitarist (Jay?) fit in reasonably well and was rocking Milo glasses. Now that he's had some time touring, Matt fits in perfectly. I'm missing some songs from their setlist, so if you were there, reply and tell us.

Now for the headliner: Motion City Soundtrack. Well, they had a sold out concert primarily for them of teenagers ready to see them go crazy. Indeed they did. Shit, just read Scott's review of them at the Bottom Lounge, and its pretty much the same thing. Oddly enough, its really close to the same day last year, too.

We got to roar the lyrics back in Justin's face; onstage the group seemed to exemplify the theory that a rock band should rock out, and Motion City Soundtrack did just that. They're a young band, filled with talent and energy. Do you really need more of a reason to check them out?

Everyone was jumping, moving, singing, and that was just the crowd. Motion City Soundtrack was jumping all around, rocking whatever instrument they played, though Jesse(the moog guy) stole the show, as always.

If you're a fan of Motion City Soundtrack, then you really should see them live, no matter what tour they're on, though this one's a great package.

Tim and Joe from Rise Against were backstage.
Motion City Soundtrack announced they'd have a new record in 2005.
Motion City Soundtrack's CD has sold 65,000 copies and has officially gone cardboard, according to Jesse.
Keasbey Nights 2 is out already, according to a Victory Records promo disk, which dates it as being released 11/2/04. (I'm making no judgments, I'm just letting you guys know.)

Setlist (partial):
Being Alright
My Machete
Dawn on a Funeral Day
Take the Reins (I think)

Limbeck split song
new song
When You're Around
Throwdown (closer)
Don't Call It A Comeback
Capital H
Future Freaks Me Out
Indoor Living
My Favorite Accident
Red Dress
(I missed the first one or two songs, [plus more, I'm certain, this was written in a bit of haste] so if you were there, please reply)