Digger - The Promise Of An Uncertain Future (Cover Artwork)


The Promise Of An Uncertain Future (1998)


It saddened me when I discovered on their webpage that Digger was breaking up. I was also kinda surprised to see that Keystone was the only CD reviewed on this website. Even though it's not their best work, I figure I should write a bit about Promise of an Uncertain Future, since it makes a nice starting place and is still a solid album.

The main quibble I have with PoaUF is its inconsistency. Songs such as "Picture Perfect" and "Past Mistakes" show superb pop songwriting skills, posessing hooks and melodies that stay in the listener's head long after the first listen. "Space Cadet," "Blocked Up," and "Quitters Never Win" have a depth to them that's sorely lacking in most pop-punk and a simplicity and upbeat style usually absent in emo.

However, some of the songs just seem thrown in without much of the thought and care given to the aforementioned tracks. Certainly a goofy sense of humor was one of the staples of early Digger, but the lack of seriousness and attention to detail in some of the songwriting doesn't serve this album. Although it's their second full-length, it really feels like a debut effort, especially in tracks 3 to 6. The lack of consistency in songwriting makes it seem like Digger's still trying to find their style and weakens the album as a whole.

Sure, their style was never anything earthshattering or groundbreaking, but Digger played a combination of pop-punk and emo that managed to combine the best traits of both genres. Their songs, especially on PoaUF, always seemed more genuine, honest, and heartfelt. This album just falls a little short of greatness.