Samchung / 13 Steps - United We Stand (Cover Artwork)

Samchung / 13 Steps

United We Stand (2003)


This is the latest release from Korea's main hardcore label GMC Records and its well worth checking out. The album starts out with six hard hitting songs from Samchung, one of the older bands in Korea's scene and one that acts as a role model for many of the younger hardcore groups. Samchung has previously released two full-lengths and has been on numerous compilations; they could be called Korea's Hatebreed with tight heavy rhythms and metal solos. Seeing them live or listening to their recordings, it is easy to see Samchung as the seasoned band that they are. The songs on this split even include nice guest appearances by Silent Mook from Knockdown on "Arizona Cowboy" and Dokyo 13 from the 13 Steps on "Voice of Reality."

I have to admit that the 13 Steps have been my favorite band in the Korean hardcore scene since the first time I saw them live. They have a phenomenal stage presence that will lift you up and slam you down on the dance floor! This is their third release following two demo CDs and it includes six out of the eight songs off of their The 13 Superstitions demo plus three new tracks. Dokyo 13's voice is one of the highlights of this group; he has a versatile range and a growling scream that builds up to sucker punch you from behind. This rides on top of catchy rhythms with plenty of changes to keep everything interesting, all packaged together with catchy sing-a-longs that find the crowd crawling over itself to scream into the mic. "We Turn Down" and "Stand By" are just two of the songs on this CD that are destined to be Korean hardcore classics. The 13 Steps are in this reviewer's opinion one of the best and most promising bands in Korea's hardcore scene. If you have any interest at all in Korea hardcore this is a CD to get a hold of!