Thumb - 3 (Cover Artwork)


3 (2001)


    If you don't know who Thumb is, your just missing out on the roughest and most aggressive hardcore you will ever hear, with a nice touch of turntables 3 will turn YOU "Upside and Down"! With their roots firmly placed in hardcore, punk and professional skating, the German based quintet of Thumb got together in 1993.
    Originally consisting of Claus Grabke (vocals), Jan Hendrik Meyer (bass), Axel Hilgenstoehler (guitar) and Steffen Wilmking (drums)... Jens Goessling (turntables) was eventually added to the line-up for his contribution of sampling techniques rather than turning the band into a metal/hip-hop cliché.
    If you're familiar with Thumb's previous release Exposure and found that album quite exhilerating, then listening to 3 will just leave you in awe. The pace picks up vigerously in such songs as "Upside and Down", "Down Like Me", "Lie to You", and "Suck Me Dry".
    This is in fact a punk website, and of course you might not give a shit about Thumb, but why don't you just give them a shot... you will be suprised. Just download some mp3s, and if you like... go buy the album 3 as soon as possible!