Gyroscope - Sound Shattering Sound (Cover Artwork)


Sound Shattering Sound (2004)

Festival Mushroom

How disappointing is it when you can't make yourself like an album as much as you should? Not very, I hear you all say, just move on, there are millions of other mediocre bands out there to shower worship and praise upon. Well, it was a difficult pill for me to swallow when my favourite Australian band Gyroscope finally delivered their long awaited debut Sound Shattering Sound.

After forging a loyal fanbase in hometown Perth, and conquering the east coast of Australia through relentless touring, Gyroscope had perfected their own sound that I would describe as a concoction of hard rock, indie and pop punk (á la Sparta). The writing was smeared all over the wall that their debut was going to be killer (for lack of a better word). And, unfortunately, it failed to deliver. Don't get me wrong, this is still a good album. Actually, this is a very good album. But it is not that killer album that I'd hoped for and believed the band was capable of delivering.

Sound Shattering Sound kicks off with the hard hitting "Confidence In Confidentiality." It's one of the standout tracks, which is highlighted by big hooks and earnest lyricism. Next comes the first single "Safe Forever," which is slightly slower but has a very catchy clean guitar part. The next track is also a single, "Take This For Granted" and it is pure pop-punk perfection. Other standout tracks include the uber-catchy "Doctor Doctor," "Driving Through The Storm," and "Get Down."

Actually, most of the songs range from pretty good to downright awesome. So what's the problem? Well, for whatever reason, this album has seemed to have had a relatively limited replay value. Perhaps it is because five out of the album's twelve tracks were previously available in some form or another on the band's EPs and singles. Also, it may have a bit to do with singer, Dan's, minimalist lyrics. I mean, there aren't too many bands that can pull off repeating the same chorus over and over and over again.

I still urge you all to check this band out because their recordings are littered with fantastic moments. Definitely check them out live as well, because this is the natural environment for most of their songs. In the mean time I will continue to be a keen observer of the band's direction and exposure.