Hot Snakes - Audit In Progress (Cover Artwork)

Hot Snakes

Audit In Progress (2004)


Goddamn! Listening to this record is like a whippet high! For those of you who don't know what that is: good for you. For those of you in the know, this record is short (just above thirty minutes), loud, fun, and a total rush. But just like that, the record is over and I'm left pretty indifferent to the whole experience. While the Hot Snakes contain two members of my favorite post-hardcore band Drive Like Jehu, the Hot Snakes remain closer to guitarist Speedo's punk 'n' roll throwback band Rocket From The Crypt. Drive Like Jehu was epic with songs reaching ten minutes and mathy as hell. This band reminds me of Scream, Dracula, Scream! where the songs are much shorter and straight ahead 4/4 rockers and are really really repetitive in a totally good way.

I've read some reviews where Mario Rubalcaba's drumming is criticized for being responsible for toning down the intensity of the band. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you've ever listened to Clikitat Ikatowi then you'd know that this guy's drumming is clean and driving. I imagine he plays with perfect form and he actually cleans up the sloppiness and propels the band forward if nothing else. So they have a bass player on this record too. Nothing too spectacular, a couple good bass lines and fills here and there. Most of the guitar parts consist of a dual downstroke approach with one guitar branching off to play the upper octave or a catchy lead part. Annoying perhaps, but very driving and up tempo.

What makes this album so much fun is how Rick Froberg can seamlessly scream/sing the perfect vocal parts over the guitar parts. His vocals are high-pitched and piercing, and often times get distorted. They are fairly monotone in nature but that's not to say he sounds like your high school calculus teacher. He's just not very melodic. The booklet, done by Froberg, has some nice artwork but no liner notes. Bummer. A lot of what he saying seems like gibberish; "Boxes boxes boxes, you're still the sucker that you are!" but some songs like "Kreative Kontrol" has an impassioned Froberg pleading and admitting he'd cut off his own dick for creative control. Totally awesome.

I think I've rambled and gushed about how impassioned, fun, and rocking this release is long enough. However, if you haven't heard this band yet and are expecting another Jehu, forget it. This is straight-ahead and honest rock music. Unfortunately, the album never really goes anywhere and that's its downfall, yet I'd still recommend it for those looking for that quick rush.

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