The Poison Arrows - Trailer Park (Cover Artwork)
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The Poison Arrows

Trailer Park (2004)

File 13

So how many of you have been to In my opinion, Epitonic has always been a great resource. Well, The Poison Arrows is Justin Sinkovich, co-founder of, as his new moniker. He has been in Atombombpocketknife as well as Thumbnail, but now he's working as the founder of File 13 Records and making music under the Poison Arrows name. And what do The Poison Arrows sound like, you might ask? Well, to tell you the truth, it sounds like the music a guy who has a 4000-record collection would make. Smooth and ambient electro-pop that pays tribute just as much to bands like Sigur Ros as much as it does The Postal Service.

There are four songs on this EP: "Trailer Park," "We Take," "Bad Data Trip," and "Trailer Park [Martin Rev Remix]." "Trailer Park" is a grand and snotty two-chord track that makes me want to groove with its blip-beep percussion and assault of studio effects mixed over drawn out keyboards and melodic synths...something to listen to while sneering and wearing sunglasses, or something to put in a drug trip scene in a movie. You get the picture.

"We Take" is a near eight-minute ambient track with a steady beat and lots of noise in the intro and throughout it. Something like a mix between Sigur Ros and a slowed down Kid A. Really, the best way to describe it is that it's the most interesting background noise I've ever heard. So much that you find yourself making excuses to do something just to have it be played in the background.

"Bad Data Trip" is really experimental, and makes me think of a toned down Wolf Eyes. The remix is just the vocals from "Trailer Park" looped and delayed and messed with.

All in all, the first half is supremely solid while the second is interestingly experimental. This EP deserves an 8 for the first two tracks alone.