The Ducky Boys / The Marvels - live in Cambridge (Cover Artwork)

The Ducky Boys / The Marvels

live in Cambridge (2004)

live show

An 18 show on a cold, rainy night in a really small club.

Before each set, it had to be announced that there wound be no moshing, slam dancing, or other types of activities. Kind of weird.

Far From Finished took the stage and played a thirty minute rip-roaring set. Loud guitars, driving rhythms, and catchy as all hell songs; what a great why to start off the night. Their GMM Records debut Eastside of Nowehere drops January 25th, 2005, and if it sounds half as good as their live set…it will put the "rock" back in punk rock.

Next up, Avoid One Thing. They had a tough act to follow and although they were good, the intensity of the previous act just wasn't there so my interest faded and I hit the bar.

The Marvels took the stage and throw out some good snotty punk. Very reminiscent of Boston's Showcase Showdown. Solid, fun set.

The Ducky Boys took the stage a little after midnight and played to a packed floor for about an hour. Once the first chord was struck, that "No Moshing" announcement was useless, because people started moving. It had been almost six years since I'd seen The Ducky Boys play, and they have had some line-up changes, but they have only gotten stronger over time. Their old material meshed perfectly with their new stuff.

Highlights: "I've Got My Friends," "Boston, USA," "White Slum," "Break Me." The only low in the set was when the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Mark Ducky cause it sounded awful…nothing like a bunch of tone deaf drunks singing; I guess I should have been drinking more.

If The Ducky Boys are passing through your area (good luck), go see them or if need be make a road trip. Heck, there were people there from Albany and I even met a couple that flew in from Chicago to see them.