Nerf Herder - My E.P. (Cover Artwork)

Nerf Herder

My E.P. (2001)


Nerf Herder's newest release won't really surprise any fans of the band. The themes of the songs are the same and musically not that different. The humor is a little more crass than their previous releases. Maybe the tour with Bloodhound Gang had something to do with that. The songwriting on this E.P. is more like their debut album than "how to meet girls". Not that HTMG was very involved, but this one is more straight ahead rock. Lyrically, some of the references might be over the heads of the younger fans.

1. Hotel California: NOT A COVER. Sounds like their first album.
2. Love Sandwich: Completely over the top, good though. If Spinal Tap were Pop-Punk, this would be their "Big Bottom".
3. High School: Sounds kinda like How to meet Girls, It's all about things he wishes he new in High School. ex: "Nobody ever got laid because they were wearing a Rush T-Shirt."
4.Bridge Under Troubled Water: Lyrically, the exact opposite of "Golf Shirt" from their debut album.
5. The Sportmans Bar: This song is pretty catchy, it's about the shitty pub that everyone goes to. Everything is in disrepair, but it's still your favorite place. I'm Sure everyone of age, has a place that comes to mind immediately.
6. I've got a Boner for Christmas: I think they released this song on a while ago with some other christmas ditties. Decent Song.
7. Hidden Track: Song about pining for a girl living the high life. Just acoustic guitar. References to Danny Bonaduce and Scott Baio are thrown in to make sure no one cries.

Overall, this E.P. is short, catchy, funny, and doesn't stray too far from what made fans of Nerf Herder fans of Nerf Herder. If you liked them before, this 18 minute E.P. should tide you over 'til their next L.P.