The Falcon - God Don't Make No Trash Or Up Your Ass With Broken Glass (Cover Artwork)

The Falcon

God Don't Make No Trash Or Up Your Ass With Broken Glass (2004)

Red Scare

Given the members involved, I was really surprised there wasn't more press or, well, any information at all about this band. In fact, I didn't even know anything about this EP until a day or two before it was released. Anyways, for those who don't know, The Falcon is a Chicago punk supergroup of sorts featuring Brendan Kelly from the Lawrence Arms on vocals and guitar, Neil Hennessey from the same band on drums, Dan Andriano from the Alkaline Trio on bass, and Todd Mohney formerly of Rise Against (for their best album) on guitar.

All that aside though, how does it sound? Well, pretty much what you would expect given the members involved. Think the fastest and grittiest Brendan contributions to the Larry Arms or the Broadways alongside Alkaline Trio bass lines and the occasional acoustic guitar. There also seems to be a more straightforward lyrical approach, with no real literary references here. That doesn't mean they've taken a turn for a worse though, as he's still got some great lines in here. The standouts for me would be the first and last tracks, but would hardly consider the three in between to be filler. So yeah, it sounds awesome, just nothing terribly original, but I don't really think that's what they were going for here. The only major problem I have with the EP is the understandably uneven/poor production. As the liner notes state, it was "hilariously recorded for zero dollars." So hey, can't really blame them for that. Also, at 12 minutes, it's a bit on the short side, but given the type of music that this is, it doesn't really need to be longer.

So is it worth your money? If you're a big Lawrence Arms fan, definitely; just don't expect another Greatest Story Ever Told / Apathy and Exhaustion caliber album. If you aren't a fan, shame on you, and this probably isn't gonna win you over. For the rest of us though, it will tide us over until the upcoming Larry Arms B-sides album and, hopefully, new full-length. I'm not sure if The Falcon plans to record more, but I won't be complaining if they do. Let's just hope they manage to afford some better production.