Gasoline Fight - Useless Pieces Of Weaponry (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Gasoline Fight

Useless Pieces Of Weaponry (2004)


Gasoline Fight has to have one of the most sound-appopriate names ever thought up. The band plays mostly straightforward punk'n'roll that isn't far from the likes of a less muddled Planes Mistaken For Stars, or a vague culmination of the band members' previous outfits (Small Brown Bike, as well as Sweep The Leg Johnny, Traitors and Peralta). With some angular-droven guitar hooks and grungy vocal interplay, there's definitely something interesting brewing. Throaty roaring and afflicted distortion crumple along aggressive paces and a raw sense of urgency.

The short EP showcases the very basic gist of the band's sound. While it could certainly benefit from more expansive parts and a slightly more structured skeleton, the band's consistently fast tempos, guitarwork considering the breakneck pace, and tri-vocal shouts all work well and are shown off admirably. Though Useless Pieces Of Weaponry blends together entirely too much to really highlight individual tracks or even select parts, it's certainly an almost-fourteen minute ride that never seems to let up.

Though I wouldn't quite say Gasoline Fight lives up to its lofty description ("the speed of Motorhead, the intensity of Black Flag, the complexity of Jehu, [and] the crunch of Helmet"), they've put out a worthy debut release that shows how much the pot is brewing, and that with the right ingredients, they might one day live up to the press release praise.

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