Nomo - Nomo (Cover Artwork)
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Nomo (2004)


Nomo are a highly talented and capable band hailing from Detroit. Their music falls into several seperate categories: jazz, soul, dub reggae, and even a hint of funk. The band features 15+ members, yet the music always sounds tight and focused. Seeing them live must be an interesting experience, to say the least.

Unlike the majority of modern bands "occupying" the jazz/soul genres, in this band I can actually hear the heart and passion in the music. It reminds me a bit of Coltrane, James Brown, and at times even a bit of Fugazi or Angst. The album features ten tracks, all of which are worth your while, but my personal favorites would have to be the soulful "La La La La" and the frenetic jazzfest "Better Than That."

I have no doubt in my mind that Nomo has a bright future, since there seems to be a heavy lack of bands like this these days. It's hard to go into much more detail, as I know little of the band's history or members, but all I know is what's important: if you are a fan of the styles listed above, hear this album for your own good health.