New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction - Split (Cover Artwork)
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New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction

Split (2004)

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Here's a split for those, like myself, who still can enjoy a couple songs that are wild, furious and linked to an era when punk was pure and true.Think 80's U.S. hardcore in Government Issue, MDC or maybe even Dag Nasty style. I'm sure I should name a couple others, as I recognize this music very well but my band name memory is really worthless as you already might have noticed. With this one, you can put aside your modern day squeaky clean poppy, emo, screamo or ska-punk-rock and enjoy eight songs of cranking energy.

Orlando's New Mexican Disaster Squad previously had a full-length out in 2003 on A-F Records and will start recording for a new one in March 2005. This one has three brand new songs by them and a cover of Bad Brains. What can I say; pounding drumming, blazing guitars and a hardcore voice, somewhat similar to Ian MacKaye's Minor Threat period, but with a Russ Rankin (Good Riddance) edge. "Porcelain End" sounds a bit more fragile I guess, and has a less attacking approach, but the Bad Brains cover is another minute of pure euphoria. It's all OK what these guys do here.

But the thing that got me writing this review definitely were the four songs by Western Addiction from San Francisco, who actually had a 7" on Fat Wreck in 2003. It's clearly the same approach here, but this guy's voice was just created for this brand of music that has a somewhat more catchy sound. And their cover of Naked Raygun's "Rat Patrol" is sounding better than the original, which these days would sound pretty bland I guess.

Lately I've really been rediscovering this genre, with also bands like Bullet Treatment who manage to get me back a few decades. Readers here probably are younger than this old man and won't give a shit about the 80's, but those who like a band like 7 Seconds who are still alive, maybe a bit of Strike Anywhere and tough Good Riddance songs will also like these raging songs.