Antifreeze - Four Letter Words (Cover Artwork)


Four Letter Words (2001)

Kung Fu

Here's a band I first found out about at the Warped Tour in Somerset, Wisconsin. After seeing their incredibly awesome show, I knew I had to get the CD. And I wasn't disapointed. They are very talented, and have a great fast, catchy, pop-punk sound.

The lyrics are pretty cool, as are the vocals, when coming from guitar player Jon Hietpas (whose voice reminds me of Mike Herrera of MxPx). But the vocals aren't as great coming from bass guitarist Tim Crowley, who sounds slightly like Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory. That is, if Pundik was a few years younger with a higher voice.

Of the fourteen tracks, The best songs on the CD that stand out from the rest, definitely are "Question...", "Is He Your Boyfriend?", "Bankruptcy," "On and On," and "Ordinary."

The songs that definitely aren't the best, but still are very cool songs would be "Fortune's Fool," "Fell On Deaf Ears," and "Sorry From Your Friend."

Overall, Antifreeze is a fantastic band, and I hope they continue to become more popular, because they definitely deserve some attention. And by the way, if you ever get a chance to see one of their concerts, definitely check it out. They put on a great show.