Appleseed Cast - Mare Vitalis (Cover Artwork)

Appleseed Cast

Mare Vitalis (2000)

Deep Elm

There are very few self-proclaimed 'post-hardcore' bands who actually ever do fall under that category. Though they are not in the same vein as 'Embrace' or 'Rites of Spring', Appleseed Cast and their second full-length, "Mare Vitalis", do the 'post-hardcore' name justice.

Latin for "Sea Life", this CD is different than most in that the musical content actually seems to reflect the title. As the opening track unfolds, it gives the sense of soaring over a dark, endless ocean at dusk... the barrenness, the solitude... not a soul in sight except for the mysterious creatures beneath the forboding surface. It sets the mood perfectly!

"Mare Vitalis" then goes on to give the listener one of the most soothing, yet riviting musical experiences ever. Soft one moment, and crashing the next, the singer's voice blends perfectly with intricate and dueling guitars. Add the solid rhythm section you find on this ablum to the equation, and you have a release that will not leave your record rotation any time soon.

If you're a fan of true, emotive music, you'd be wise to check out this release.