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Action (2004)


Aggressive street punk/hardcore in the vein of older Unseen, Action's self-titled debut is a quick bout of the aforementioned for those in need of half an hour of the somewhat throwback style. Though I'd imagine this would work a lot better live with the gang-led choruses of tracks like "Man's Law," "Rise," and "Warzone," the Punkcore outfit is still very competent in the musicianship department, and as far as street punk goes, writes political lyrics to the standards you'd expect, maybe even a bit higher ("Fighting the capitalists / fighting the west / putting your faith to the test / just a pawn, just a whore / in a fictitious holy war").

The band keeps the fast-paced tempo consistent and the shouting vocals never relent, nor do its basic chord progressions underlying the sound. However, they also clean up a lot of the really agitating things I normally face with the genre, too. The vocals are rough yet upbeat and never intolerable, and the guitarists throw in a lot of choice licks and the drummer some nice fills ("Submission," "No One Knows," "Warzone"). Even their biggest problem doesn't seem like one as you're going through it, that is, listening to the near five-minute long third track, near-epic for the introductory section to a record like this.

So although we've heard it all before, and plenty of it, Action is a good addition to the group, and definitely has the potential to probably throw some new things in in the future as moments here show. Worth a listen.

Submission [clip]
Man's Law [clip]
Nobody's Fodder
Dawn Of A New War