Lanemeyer - If There's A Will, There's Sti (Cover Artwork)


If There's A Will, There's Sti (2000)

Too Hep

Here's a band out of New Jersey that will remain one of my all time favourite bands (Getting your name from a classic 80s movie is always a good start: Better off Dead). Living in a small town in Canada, it's hard to find quality bands that arn't mainstream. Thank You Internet! The internet came through for me in a big way when I discovered Lanemeyer. That's why I get so pissed when I hear all of the big labels wanting to charge people to use the music sites. They forget about the little bands that cannot always reach the people who want to listen. I would have missed hearing an amazing band! But enough about me and the internet, on to the CD!!

This CD is down right amazing. I wont bore you by going through every single song with you, but heres the play list for the cd:

1. For Britt
2. If There's A Will, There's Still Nothing
3. Where's My Letter
4. My Very Own Winnie Cooper
5. Another Lonely Winter
6. Energy
7. Grovers Corners, New Jersey
8. Long Letter Goodbye
9. Take 2

These 9 songs are all packed with emotion and you can't help but feel what he's feeling when he belts out the lyrics. "Another Lonely Winter" starts off on an accoustic, but picks up into what is my favourite song on the cd. All the songs on this cd have catchy lyrics and chorus' that will leave you wanting more. 'If There's A Will, There's Still Nothing' is perfect for just chillin around the house, getting you pumped, or cruisin' with your buddies. If your a fan of ALK3, or Humble Beginnings, than you should really check these guys out. You wont be disapointed. Or maybe im completely messed up and these guys suck, but I'm pretty sure I'm right when I say they ROCK!