Starseven - Less Cash More Songs (Cover Artwork)
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Less Cash More Songs (2004)


So this band spells their name with a star and then the number seven.

I think I could have ended the review at that, but hey, I'm a nice guy. I'll try to flesh it out a bit more. You know those bands who try to play punk music without having any knowledge of punk? You know, they are in an alt-rock band that all of a sudden takes a turn towards Blink 182. They have names like Lit and SR-71. Guess what? They also have names like Starseven. And they all suck.

Oh. I just figured it out. They're Italian*. Of course they have no idea what they're doing. They also have Atticus, Macbeth, and Fernandes logos plastered all over their website and record. But no record label. Just corporate sponsors. Ugghh, this is the type of music you'd find in an extreme motocross video. Oh wait! They just had a song on some motocross video! I don't know what else I have to say about it. It's terrible.

*With this comment I mean no disrespect to the people of Italy. It's just that you didn't grow up listening to the Stooges or MC5. Sure you got the Ramones and all the shit that we send over there now as part of our pop-culture, but that doesn't count. You don't know what punk rock was (or was supposed to be since I don't believe that true "punk" ever existed except for in the ideals of many older bands [which many of you are going to try to crucify me over]). But yeah. Four chords doesn't make you punk. Eh, this review sucks.