Good Riddance - Comprehensive Guide to Moderne (Cover Artwork)

Good Riddance

Comprehensive Guide to Moderne (1996)

Fat Wreck Chords

The Blur

What can be said of Good Riddance? By far my favorite band currently together, but enough about me, let's talk record. Russ Rankin really does have a way with words does he not? "America is burning, look around it's in the air, I'm gonna be the last believer as long as I still care, AND I STILL CARE!" This album is full of this kind of angst, but it does not stop there, oh no my friend, there is more. This record is quite diverse, surprising as such an early release, and manages to hold it all together nicely. From the screams and shouts of "Weight of the World" to the light-hearted chorus of "Come Dancing" Good Riddance puts on quite a show for your listening pleasure. Other notable songs are "Sometimes", "Up and Away", and "Bittersweet." If you have never heard of Good Riddance, this is the album that you need to get. It will start you off on the right track. Believe you me, this is a band that will grow on you like man-eating bacteria. Okay so that was a horrible analogy, but hey it's my first review so bear with me. Phenomenal live show as well. Well I'm done ranting now, feel free to dissect this review and make fun of me. Peace.