The Fire Still Burns - Demo (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Fire Still Burns

Demo (2004)


Upon popping this CD into my computer iTunes opened automatically and prompted me with the all the album information. Only it came up as Jimmy Eat World's Salt Sweat Sugar single. Trust me, this is no Jimmy, although the band's name hints at another carbon copy of the group.

The Fire Still Burns hail from New Brunswick, New Jersey; I swear this is not going to be some emo or screaming outfit, so hang tight for a few more lines! Members of the group come from the ashes of hardcore/punk vets such as Lifetime, Ensign, Vision, and Ex-Number Five to name a few.

Do I have your attention now?

The past endeavors that these five men have faced throughout their musical roles play a significant element in developing their new sound. While the heavy hardcore edge akin to Ensign's Cast The First Stones is quickly hinted on "Good As New," also apparent is that gritty taste of punk rock from the shores of Jersey that Lifetime has made us feel all warm and fuzzy about. Former Ex-Number Five vocalist Alf Bartone's rile and melodic voice is the perfect choice to front this all-star cast and "November Days" allows for his aptitude to stand out and help the Fire Still Burns create a unique sound. "My Assault On The World Begins Now" highlights the maturity of the group as their talent indicates at the potential they have formulated with assaulting drums and riveting guitars supporting the stellar vocals.

While all of these songs are in demo form, it's quite obvious that the Fire Still Burns is serious and is eager to making an impact on the scene shortly. You can pick up the three song demo by sending the band three bucks (which I highly recommend) or simply listen to all of the tracks on their Myspace page.