Purity's Failure - Extensions (Cover Artwork)

Purity's Failure

Extensions (2005)


When I had bought Cursed's new CD, Goodfellow had a package deal going where for about 20 bucks you got the new Cursed CD, a Cursed poster, some stickers, and the new Purity's Failure EP. I figured what the hell, might as well pick this up too. It was a great decision. Extensions is a followup to their Goodfellow debut Destruction, which I'll have to pick up sooner or later. This is definitely a band that I can add to the small but growing list of metalcore bands I like.

So what do they sound like you ask? Fast and chaotic guitar (only one guitarist) with just the right ammount of double bass to give a sense of viciousness without sounding trite and overdone. If I were to compare it to other bands, I wouldn't say it sounds exactly like these bands, but I would say it has elements of bands such as Shai Hulud, the Hope Conspiracy, and American Nightmare, so basically, a very good blend of metal and hardcore.

Lyrically, I wasn't as impressed with the band, but the lyrics are still pretty good. Ironically, though the song that had my favorite lyrics was the song that bored me the most musically: "Legendary," which is about failure, but also seems to have an allusion to the Icarus myth, with these lines:

When I fail the whole world hears me - I'm fucking legendary / A failure so pure becomes legendary / No one stop me - legendary / Forget the sun, we're walking away.
The lyrics have a lot of words that seem to come up frequently, such as pure/purity and failure (I suppose that's a bit of motif since it's the band's name and all), and I've seen quite a few references to the sun.

My favorite songs are "Unwelcoming Committee," "Sore Losers" and "Funeral Song," but the entire CD is very good. The two shortcomings of the CD is the lyrical content not being as good as the actual music, and the song "Legendary," although having the best lyrics of the CD in my opinion, is too slow and sort of ruins the flow of the CD. Definitely pick this up if you have the money.