For The Mathematics - The New Science (Cover Artwork)

For The Mathematics

The New Science (2004)



Wow, I haven't heard this style of music played since the Mars Volta show I saw a year or so back. Since I've received this album, it hasn't left my CD player. It has a refreshingly new sound to it incorporating rock and roll numbers ("redlightexitsignpastiche") with modern, almost, jazzy breakdowns only to leap even further into the experimental realm that is sure to garner these guys much attention.

My favourite track is "Under Ihrem Sitz," but each song has such a unique quality and level of diversity to it. The vocals alone command an enormous amount of attention not only for their range, which goes from from full out screaming to soft whispering, but for the way in which they lead listeners through this ambitious album. While the lyrics may not make sense, the delivery is incredible, and the way it was recorded gives them an even more distorted sound that just adds to it.

Obviously skilled musicians, the fast pace their instruments are played leave you wondering about their current condition. You can expect to hear more from this young Canadian group.

[originally written for amplify819]