Collections Of Colonies Of Bees - Customer (Cover Artwork)
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Collections Of Colonies Of Bees

Customer (2004)


In theory I should love this. It's a four-piece that recorded this album with a full band in the studio, then used computer software to edit everything they did, sort of cut it up and throw it all together. How is that not awesome? 'Cause it is awesome. Whatever. This is a lame first paragraph that is condratictory and doesn't make any sense. I even spelled contradictory wrong. Or something. Lemme start over.

The current lineup of Collections Of Colonies Of Bees is three guys from Pele and another guy who did some electronic work with one of the guys from Pele who wasn't one of the original two guys from Pele who started Collections Of Colonies Of Bees in 1998. To be honest, that means nothing to me. Pele is one of those bands that everyone loved in the 90's that I just never heard (i.e. Modest Mouse, Braid) because I was too hung up on the Promise Ring and early 90's Built To Spill. So what else is new? I can't tell you if it sounds like Pele. I've never heard Pele.

This is an instrumental album. The first nine tracks are called "Fun." The last is titled "Funeral." Yes, all the songs do run together like one big track. What does it sound like? You people always harp on me for that. Well, it sounds sorta like other electronica-induced groups like Sigur Rós. But I also get sort of a Joan Of Arc vibe sometimes. Like I said before, it's really just a mixture of different types of loops, which usually include an acoustic guitar playing a little riff and some electronica sounds in the background, maybe some muted percussion loops. But it's all really good. And hard to describe. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes both Sigur Rós and Joan Of Arc.

As far as songs go, I like "Fun" a lot. It's not quite as good as "Fun" or "Fun," but I really like the way they used the cymbals in it. "Fun" is probably the worst track on the album, but it's only like a minute long, so that's not a big deal. "Funeral," however - now that's an entirely different story.