Streetlight Manifesto / MU330 / Plunket - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)

Streetlight Manifesto / MU330 / Plunket

live in Chicago (2005)

live show

Ska is Dead 2 was announced way back when, and immediately I was excited, hearing Streelight Manifesto and the Voodoo Glow Skulls were on the tour. Well, technically I was more exicted for Streetlight than VGS, but whatever.

Opening the Chicago stop, and the tour was Downers Grove own Plunket. They weren't a ska band per se, (sure they used a trombone now and again) but they were enjoyable, so your time would not be wasted seeing them. For a young group, they're quite talented, and perhaps worth your time.

MU330 was next and...ummm...well...they were weird. However, they projected their own brand of energy very well onstage, kept the crowd enthusiastic and into it, skanking the set away. One of their trombone players wore 3-D glasses, took both his shirts off and announced a new song called "Dirty Rotten Ass," which, contrary to its name, sounded lighthearted and soothing on the ears. Go see them if you get the opportunity.

At 7:55 I figured between sets I'd go down and check out the merch booth. The line couldn't possibly be that long, and I'd be back in time to catch the Voodoo Glow Skulls. I bought my Streetlight Manifesto t-shirt at 8:45.

By the time I got back upstairs, VGS were signing off. Sorry.

I can't do justice to how good Streetlight Manifesto is live, so I'll put down the setlist. They added in a lot of solos for the horn section in the songs, and most of the intros to the songs were much lengthened by such jamming. As soon as SM stepped on stage the crowd roared and got into it, turning the floor of the Metro into a joyous pit with the kids pushing each other around. After the concert, the trumpet player noted that the auidence was really loud. The performers were all smiles, enjoying themselves, and their energy was infectious.

Streelight Manifesto was extremely coy about their upcoming CD, only saying that "you'll like it when you hear it."

Set List (not in order):
color-coded quotes (opener)
everything went numb
a moment of silence
a moment of violence
keasbey nights
here's to life
failing, flailing
a ska song of which I am not aware
a better place, a better time
big sleep (last song before encore)
dear sergio (encore)


  • Streetlight Manifesto t-shirts are mildly expensive, but the long sleeve is 30 dollars, in stark contrast to the much lower prices that the other groups had.
  • Brendan from the Lawrence Arms probably is working at the Metro now.
  • Victory Records were passing out magazines which had interviews with all their groups in it.
  • eMusic and Rolling Stone were offering free trial subscriptions to their magazines, including 26 free issues to Rolling Stone. Apparently, those offers are included in the price of the ticket to the Metro.