Ten Foot Pole - Rev (Cover Artwork)

Ten Foot Pole

Rev (1994)


Some would say it's a good thing that Epitaph seemed to have branched out in terms of the acts they're signing these days, such as the Special Goodness, From First To Last and Eyedea & Abilties, but I personally miss the good old days when Mr. Gurewitz was all about the punk rock. Bands like Rancid and the Offspring went on to greater glory, but I think the best of the bunch was Ten Foot Pole, no doubt.

While I still maintain that Insider is their best work to date (yeah, slate me all you like, that's just my opinion), their last album with current Pulley frontman Scott Radinsky on vocals is definitely a close second. It's a bit harder than some of their recent stuff, and they also prove that they can be pretty diverse when they want to be - just check out the ska-tinged "Old Man" or the acoustic intro to "Broken Bubble." They also show that their songwriting abilities are top-notch, with songs about parental alienation, death and being fucked over by people you thought were friends. It all seems a bit morbid, but the driving melodies and Scott's passionate singing never really sink it into shoegazing shit that you hear so much of these days.

This is an album you should purchase should hard-edged poppy punk (not in the Blink Found 41 variety) float your boat. They may not be the most original band in the world, but Rev is vintage TFP, and anyone with even a vague interest in the band should buy it just to see what they were like before Dennis' high-pitched vocal stylings were introduced. Definitely one of the best albums Epitaph ever put out...even if Insider is ever so slightly better (runs away).