Death To Tyrants - Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love (Cover Artwork)

Death To Tyrants

Experience Will Be Your Monument And Your Love (2004)

Clean Plate

Instrumental music has always been an interesting beast to me. On one hand, one can imagine how difficult it must be to express all that is expressed in music with vocals without the use of that most raw of elements. On the other hand, I'm a firm believer that music on its own has the power to express feelings, ideas, and emotions far beyond what any words could possibly convey. This idea is conveyed quite well by Death To Tyrants, whose music falls somewhere between Jimmy Eat World and Off Minor, for what it's worth.

They have such a chemistry with their instruments that you completely forget that the vocals are missing from the mix. Their use of jazzy chords and riffing mixed with beautiful, twinkly parts and the way they mesh the two to almost create their own ground in between on which to tread is seamless and captivating. They're also one of the tightest bands I've heard (or seen live). They're so in control of their instruments that it would be ludicrous to imagine that they haven't all had some proper musical training.

This record is an experience, definitely not one to sit idly by and let pass you; it takes a very intent listening to really grasp all that's going on here. The rewards, however, are well worth it.