Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview (Cover Artwork)

Less Than Jake

Hello Rockview (1998)


Hey Y'all, well what can I say about this release by Less Than Jake? Well, other then the fact that this is the best ska album I have ever heard, not much I guess. Less Than Jake are in my opinion the best ska band in the world. In fact, Less Than Jake is the band that got me into ska. As for this release "Hello Rockview," it is my personal favoite album by Less Than Jake. You may ask, what makes Less Than Jake so different from all those other ska bands? That's easy, because they are Less Than Jake. As for this album, the first track sets the mood perfectly for this record; fast, catchy, melodic and fun. Yes, fun. The fact is, this is a fun cd to listen to. Not only are the songs great and catchy, it is also fun because there is a comic inside the jacket of this record which shows all the lyrics in it, and it sorta tells a story. As for my favorite songs: My favorite of them all would have to be "Scott Farcas Takes It On Te Chin." It is so catchy, it makes you wanna press repeat on that song, but the thing is, all the other songs are like that also. There is not one bad song on this release, although there are better songs then other (for example "All My Best Friends Are Metalheads," "History Of A Boring Town," "Big Crash.") All in all this is an amazing ska cd. And I really don't consider it ska, of course it has the horns and the ska upstrokes, but there are also some traces of punk in it too. Less Than Jake is the best ska act around, and this release "Hello Rockview" proves it, I suggest to anyone, even if they don't like ska or punk to buy it, that is how amazing it is, trust me, you will not be disapointed!