Reagan Youth - A Collection Of Pop Classics (Cover Artwork)
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Reagan Youth

A Collection Of Pop Classics (1991)

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Reagan Youth (not to be mistaken with L.A.'s Wasted Youth) were one of the finest hardcore punk bands to ever hail from NYC. The band formed in 1980 and disbanded with Reagan's exit from office; their story is a sad and tragic one, probably the most tragic in punk rock. But that's another story...on to the record.

This is a posthumous compilation of Reagan Youth's greatest material, the first half being from their earlier, more hardcore-oriented releases and the final half being from their later, more metallic releases. There are 22 tracks in all, including the classics "Jesus Was A Communist," "USA," and of course, "Reagan Youth." Just looking at the cover of this album pretty much explains the lyrical content, that being anti-racism/facism and other similar, refreshing themes. My personal favorite tracks would have to be "One Holy Bible" or "Queen Of Babylon," both from the band's slightly more metallic years.

If you've never had a chance to pick up a record by Reagan Youth, this is the one to get, as it's a good taste of their entire catalog. This album is, obviously, essential listening for any fan of punk rock. Their vocalist, Dave Insurgent, has a distinct and tuneful voice that is rare in this kind of music, and the band members themselves are easily some of the most talented and skilled musicians in punk rock.