Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (Cover Artwork)

Gorilla Biscuits

Start Today (1989)


If you're looking for a consistantly good hardcore band, look no further than Gorilla Biscuits. While they unfortunately disbanded after only one EP and this CD, these few mementos of their existance show us what a hardcore band can strive for. GB had positive lyrics, heavy and fast music, and notable talent. Along with a few other bands from their native New York, Gorilla Biscuits is credited for starting a new hardcore movement, similar to what Minor Threat did in the early 80's.

Not only a straight-edge band, GB made it a point to make all of their songs positive statements for change. This was one of the things that got them recognition for starting a movement, as the earlier hardcore bands that had mostly died out were also incredibly violent. It's clear the band was ready for a change, though they were a bit too late anyway. Hardcore is an extremely one-dimensional genre, so the impact they made was less than that of bands like Black Flag and others.

The CD starts off with "New Direction," which is a great song with a title that clearly states GB's focus. The listener will immediately notice what a great voice Civ has; it fits perfectly with the heavy melodies of the band's dual guitarists. "Things We Say" is a surprising melodic interlude that still hits extremely hard and is one of my personal favorites. As the CD progresses it becomes apparent that the band rarely slows down. In fact, the only track they let up on is "Start Today," which even has a short harmonica part for some reason. The last two tracks are incredibly fast and brutal; a fitting ending to the band's career.

If you're looking for a new hardcore band in the vein of Minor Threat, definitely check out the Gorilla Biscuits. I haven't heard their EP but it's probably equally as good as this CD. It's a shame that this band wasn't around longer, but I think they did what they needed to do and that's all that matters. These fourteen tracks are a testament to truly great American punk music.