Coachwhips - Peanut Butter And Jelly Live At The Ming Lounge (Cover Artwork)


Peanut Butter And Jelly Live At The Ming Lounge (2005)


One of the problems with rock'n'roll bands nowadays is that they're thinking more with their heads than their hips or crotches. They seem more preoccupied with creating something that will make the listener marvel at the songwriting or intricate arrangements rather than pumping out righteous noises that make you wanna dance, dance, dance. Well, San Francisco's the Coachwhips ain't like those weak ass jive motherfuckers. This band is hellbent on getting you to uncontrollably shake some ass in a frenzied offering of body and soul to the glorious power of rock'n'roll.

Now, the title Peanut Butter And Jelly Live At The Mint Lounge is a little misleading, because this aural equivalent of an A-bomb isn't a traditional live album, but you better fucking believe the songs were recorded as live takes (the way the rock god to intended them to be) with no gimmicks or trickery to smooth out the raw, primal expulsions of sonic cool that's so refreshing to the pallete amongst the current buffet of bland rock.

No one has incorporated lo-fi keyobard sounds into filthy garge rock this well since the Murder City Devils. Crank this fucker up to 11, sit back and wait for your head to explode.