Drowningman - How They Light Cigarettes in Prison (Cover Artwork)


How They Light Cigarettes in Prison (2000)


This band is definitley one of the up and comers in the world of modern hardcore. This CD fuckin rips!!! Same d-man as "rock n roll killing machine" but a little more up tempo on this one, With lots of melody thrown in. The first track "black-tie knife-fight" starts it off well...Heavy fast and to the point. The CD slows it down a little with yet another long ass song title "a quick prayer to the patron saint of dirty rest area bathrooms and clean getaways" Then rips you a new asshole with the title track "how they light cigarettes in prison". D-man is known for being one of the most unique hardcore bands of today, With their trademark sarcasm and crunchy down toned guitars, kinda reminds me of deadguy...if you have ever heard them. Anyway, Great EP great songs and cool artwork and CD case (its red). Well, there it is...cant say too much more about this great great EP...