The Number Twelve Looks Like You - An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time (Cover Artwork)
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The Number Twelve Looks Like You

An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time (2005)


An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time is essentially a teaser EP for the Number Twelve Looks Like You's upcoming full-length, due sometime in the fall on Eyeball Records, but it is still worthy of a listen, especially if you're interested in some of the best yet most accessible grind music around.

The #12 plays exactly what I just stated: grind. It's not just any grind, mind you; it's technical as all hell without being overbearing, and the grinding parts are just enough to make you want to bash someone's face in – a tip-off that you know you're listening to some intense music. The musicianship that the #12 plays with is pretty much out of this world, as their talent is just absolutely flaunted over every second of every song. From smashing breakdowns to deep, gargly vocals, to moody, atmospheric pieces, to guitar soloing, the #12 has got what you're looking for in grind music. Also, I've been yet to find a band with a more violent-sounding vocal attack.

On An Inch Of Gold For An Inch Of Time, you will find two songs that have been re-done for this EP from the band's debut, Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses: "Jesus And Tori" and "Don't Get Blood On My Prada Shoes." Both songs sound even better than they have before, and are still as sickeningly insane as they used to be. There are also three new songs to be found: two that will be featured on the band's upcoming Eyeball effort, and a cover: The Knack's "My Sharona." Two words came out of my mouth when I read "My Sharona": "hell yeah".

As for the two new songs, if they are any indication of how good the new full-length will be, I think we will have a genre-defining piece of work on our hands, as well as a new bar to be set as far as grind music. The new songs are brutal if anything else. "Clarissa Explains The Cuntainment" visits all ends of the musical spectrum, from a spacey intro to insane guitar noodling, and at exactly one minute into the song, your jaw will drop when you hear how good that one part is. "Like A Cat" features something new for the band: melodic vocals. They're pulled off surprisingly well, and do not sound cheesy at all, a problem that many heavy bands run into when using melodic vocals. The guitar leads in this song are flashy and intricate, and the breakdown-type riff in the last two-thirds of the song is nothing less than absolutely nuts. And, of course, the cover: "My Sharona" rocks all kinds of ass, and is hilarious as all hell. The gothic vocals screaming "My, my, my, my, my" are an awesome touch. The song is actually played perfectly, including the guitar solo, which sounds extra nice. It's slowly become one of my favorite cover songs ever.

The rating of eight is simply due to the length and the fact that it is only a teaser EP; however, the new album has a chance of becoming a solid ten. The Number Twelve Looks Like You are achieving the impossible: making accessible grind music. And it sounds great. Highly recommended.