Hopesfall - No Wings To Speak Of (Cover Artwork)


No Wings To Speak Of (2002)


For those who have just been introduced to Hopesfall by way of the album A-Types, you must be forwarned: this is a completely different band. Instead of the light guitar-rock band, we have a "metalcore" band that has drawn comparisons (if unfair) to bands such as Poison The Well and From Autumn To Ashes. This is the band's second release, following their Takehold Records debut The Frailty of Words. It is a four-song EP, and it includes the songs "Open Hands To the Wind," "April Left With Silence," "The End Of An Era," and "The Far Pavilions." Despite being only four tracks, the EP is worth buying. Some consider "The End of an Era" to be one of the greatest songs of the whole "metallic hardcore" genre.

This EP has a different lineup than The Satelite Years and is almost a different band than on A-Types. The only remaining member from this album is Josh, the guitarist. For those who are not familiar with Hopesfall's older work, the sound is characterized by soft, mellow bridges and interludes followed by intense (and I mean intense) hardcore. One cannot say that there are any real verses or choruses because the music is very linear, with no repeated parts. The highlights of this album are the two middle tracks "April Left With Silence" and the epic, seven minute-long "The End Of An Era," which are both landmarks in the melodic hardcore genre.

Check this out if you like older Poison the Well, older Underoath, or older Codeseven. Jesus, it seems like all these bands are going downhill (with the exception of Underoath, their new CD was pretty good). If you want to check out a band at their creative peak, then you should definitely pick up this album. Although it may be hard to find at large retailers, any independent record shop should have one or two of this album.