Beefcake - Rejected (Cover Artwork)


Rejected (1999)


Imagine Guttermouth, Blink 182, and NOFX melt together into one band. Weird mix, right? Well that's the best way to describe Beefcake. With the peepee-poopoo humor similar to Blink 182's, the four letter vocabulary of Guttermouth, and the lead-singer's screeching voice that closely resembles that of fat Mike and Tom Delonge, the band is not the most original to come out of the punk scene. Yet their hilarious lyrics, and fast melodic guitar riffs make this cd higly enjoyable. There just aren't too many differences between the songs that could set them apart, so it would be hard to give a good description of each one. Basically they are all fast, use power chords, dirty lyrics, with beat variations from song to song. The cd does have it's higlights though. "Bob Saget (I hate you)" is very melodic and very funny, "My dominatrix" is more poppy and funny. Other highlights include "End of the World," "Proctologist" and a great cover of the Cheap Trick song "Surrender." Also, look for a hilarious, acoustic bonus track. Bottom line is if you like this sort of loud, abnoxious, raunchy music then you will love this cd.