The Goodwill - Insult, Injury, Etc... (Cover Artwork)

The Goodwill

Insult, Injury, Etc... (2005)


Bassist Josh Moskoviz says the sophomore release from the Goodwill is different than their first album, which was "pop-punk." He says the addition of a new guitarist allowed the band to develop a sound for Insult, Injury, Etc... that "still maintains the poppiness and catchiness, only with a darker, more hard-edged, unique sound." Maybe I'm not getting it, because even after a few listens, it was clear to me that the Goodwill still has some growing to do before they fit their bad-boy britches. A number of the tracks on the disc feature aggressive guitar and percussion that, unfortunately, clashes with the vocals. Brian Barbuto strains at times to match the intensity of the sound around him, something that is most obvious in "To Live And Die On LI." The track features strong percussion reminiscent of Bad Religion, but the vocals don't quite measure up. Judging from the band's MySpace site, the kids are really digging the pop-punk sound, and it might be smart to stick with a recipe that works.

At its worst, Insult, Injury, Etc... is derivative. The Goodwill is a punk band that, like so many others, has decided (consciously or not) that the next step in their evolution is to become "darker" and "harder." Even if this is the best move, the band has quite a way to go before it can legitimately attach those adjectives to their music.

At its best, this album is singable, girl-friendly punk rock that, unless you really crank it, won't annoy your parents or neighbours. "Live From The Red Carpet" is a standout hit with a great guitar hook, smart lyrics and strong delivery. "Your Friendly Ghost" continues the successful stride with instantly memorable lyrics such as "this is all you're gonna get - no more - no less" that'll have you singing along in no time. "The Perfect Honeymoon" follows with flawless architecture - an example of when The Goodwill does punk rock right.