Paint It Black - Paradise (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Paint It Black

Paradise (2005)

Jade Tree

This was without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated hardcore releases of 2005, and thankfully, it delivers. For those of you who don't know, Paint It Black plays raw hardcore punk in the vein of early Black Flag, Minor Threat, etc. I personally find this band to sound very similar to the little-known 80's hardcore band B'last! (just listen to their album It's In My Blood), which isn't a bad thing.

In many ways Paradise does not sound all that much different than their previous effort CVA, which again, is not a bad thing. Songs like "265," "Exit Wounds," and "Nicaragua" are exercises in straight up hardcore brutality, even more so than many of the songs off CVA. Sure, the last song "Memorial Day" ends with a (literally) 10 second-long acoustic outro and some of the songs ("Pink Slip," "Ghost") contain some melodic playing, but this only adds variety to an excellent album. Even at its tamest, the record is capable of ripping the face off most bands releasing records today.

Paint It Black is easily one of the most promising hardcore bands in the world today and I think that, with a darker and longer record, they could have a truly timeless classic. Highly recommended.