Mouthwash - 1000 Dreams (Cover Artwork)


1000 Dreams (2001)


This was the first new release I picked up this young new millenium, and it blew me away and continues to do so. Mouthwash, a talented quartet from the streets of London England, are a perfect fit for the HellCat Roster and amen to Tim Armstrong(Rancid) for signing them.

This isn't your ordinary punk-ska cd. Oh no. Mouthwash play a very unique style, which I still have not definetely defined. There are bits of oldschool punk reminiscent of Husker Du and The Clash, and influences of ska legends and countrymates The Specials are also noticeable. But this isnt an oldschool type cd.. Mouthwash flare up their older punk roots with a millenial touch and they exhibit countless great breakdowns and harmonies throughout this debut cd of their's. Their transitions between slow and fast, and punk and ska, and more, are flawless. All these songs are generally 3 and a half minutes in length, and each one of them hits you hard. Organ solos, freestyle hip hop reggae parts, a flute solo, and some amazing guitar riffs mixed in as well. The arrangement of the songs switches from punk to ska, to poppunk to ska to punk to reggae, and on and on, perfectly. After listening to these 11 songs, in 40 minutes, you might think that you listened to 4,5 different genres. Theres punk, hardcore, reggae, and ska, and bits of pieces of everything else that is good attached. If youre sampling this cd I suggest checking out the single "Fools Gold", and the furious "Competing For Frequency".

Considering that this is Mouthwash's debut lp, and the oldest member of the band is 20 years old, I can only drool in anticipation of their sophomore effort. This may not be for people who are narrow-minded to one particular style of ska or punk, and I must admit it took a few listens before I got to fully appreciate its greatness. A very fun cd, which will have you skanking, headbanging, and whatever else you like to do when you hear a good beat. Definetely one of those cds which can make your day a great one!