A Moments Loss - The Forgetting (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

A Moments Loss

The Forgetting (2004)


I told Brian that my reviews were all going to be concise and well-thought out. I said I would quit bashing bands unabashedly. I figured that I had gotten to a point where it was just ineffective. People knew what to expect. I was going to wow everyone with reviews that were not inflammatory. Well, let me tell you: no band has ever made me want to go back on my statement more than A Moments Loss. They're a group that "is heavy without resorting to drop tuning or pummeling double bass drumming and emotional with(sic) falling into the post-Thursday cliches that are so prevalent today." I can only guess they meant to say "without falling into," but the way they stated it just fits better than anything I could have written myself in the old days. But a new Jesse has come around. I will not make fun of this band. Well, besides the fact that they claim they create "effects laden soundscapes reminiscent of Sigur Ros or Pink Floyd." I mean, come on. That's just laughable.

But I resist! I shall do my best to review this without gimmick! The songwriting is simplistic beyond belief. Three or four chords. Pre-pubescent drum fills that are snare heavy and not always on time. Guitar chords that just scream Thursday. Off-key vocals. Pathetic background screaming. If I had to guess the age of the band, I'd place them in their mid-teens. Song titles like "Big (Empty) Sky," "Agony And Ecstacy(sic)," and "Shed My Cries" just points the band in the direction of kids trying to be emo. I guess they've been around for five years now. Kind of a shame that this is the extent of five years of songwriting. I know a band back in Minnesota with an average age of 16 that writes better shitty screamo, and they've only been around for three months.

I guess the worst part about this band is that they claim to be different, and acknowledge the fact that there are too many screamo clichés, yet they are at the forefront of all of them. Anyway, the new "No Score" feature on Punknews should be allowed to be used in reviews so I can truly express how I feel about this band without having to spell it out.